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lake champlain


Site specific installation for New Turf, Summer 2005
The Fleming Museum, University of Vermont


after 4 days of driving around outside of Burlington, looking for the right place...

we ended up back on Lake champlain, scattering all 4,000 balls onto the frozen surface.

a couple of UVM students helped out

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a few ice fishermen watched over the balls while we went to get lunch

after taking hundreds of pictures, we set about the task of recollecting the 4,000 balls


the next day the skies were clear. we drove over to Shelburn Pond.

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the local TV channel came to film us


a few weeks later i went back up to Vermont with my dad.

we decided to float the balls down a river. he built a fence to catch the balls in.

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Thanks to Evelyn Hankins, Gareth Mahon, David Key, Andrea Gray, Kurtis Bubeck, Ela Igel, Heather O'Shea, Amanda Sawicki and Kayleigh Yandow.

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